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Welcome to Vavida™, a pioneering community and marketplace born from the vision of serial entrepreneurs who deeply understand the unique challenges and aspirations of business owners.
At Vavida™, we are united by a shared commitment to enhancing our healthspan and business success, ensuring that as we thrive professionally, we do not compromise on our most valuable asset - our health.


Vavida™ is more than a brand; it's a movement towards longevity, where the wisdom of experienced business owners converges with cutting-edge science. Our community is a platform for discovering and sharing the tools, services,
and practices that have genuinely made a difference in our lives - both in and out of the boardroom.


Our Vavida™ marketplace is a curated collection of success stories from business owners like you turned into actionable solutions. From the latest tech gadgets and nutritional supplements to innovative therapies and exclusive meet-ups, each product or service we offer is recommended from business owners, rigorously researched and backed by science. We are dedicated to sourcing only the most effective solutions that contribute to increased health, longevity, and business success.

Proudly family-owned, Vavida™ reflects our belief that family is paramount. Our company is in Sheridan, Wyoming, but our reach is global, with a fully digital and distributed team working from various countries.

While our founders Katharina and Heiko Schmidt split their time between the US, Canada, and Portugal, Vavida™ remains committed to serving business owners worldwide.


Products and Services

Our Vavida™ marketplace offers a diverse range of products and services, including:

  • Tech Gadgets: Cutting-edge devices designed to monitor and improve your health and efficiency.

  • Supplements: High-quality, scientifically backed supplements for longevity and wellness.

  • Therapies and Procedures: Access to longevity focused doctors andclinics for innovative therapies and medical procedures that promise not just longer life but better quality living.

  • Fitness and Wellness Routines: Connect to personal trainers for customized workout and wellness plans catering to the unique needs of busy entrepreneurs.

  • Networking and Meet-ups: Exclusive events and meet-ups focusing on specialized interests, fostering both personal growth and business development.

Join us at Vavida™, where longevity meets legacy. 
We are more than a community; we are a family of forward-thinking entrepreneurs committed to living our best lives, for longer.

Explaining Your Longevity Challenge

Speaking with fellow business owners every day, this is what we hear:

I love what I'm doing, but it requires working very long hours, and I feel guilty because I'm eating too much and settling for unhealthy food.

I don't have enough time for my loved ones, let alone time for myself.
To be honest, it's taking a toll on my health. I know I should exercise, but because of stress and limited time, I don't work out regularly and sleep just a few hours - probably too few to fully recover.


Lately, there's been so much change; supplier networks aren't working, costs have significantly increased, and marketing has become more difficult and expensive.

Everyone is talking about AI and how it will replace almost everything.
I'm afraid I can't keep up with all this change and feel I'm falling further behind. I experience a lot of anxiety and it leads to sleepless nights.
How can I master these multilevel challenges, keep and grow my business, and provide for my loved ones and the families of my employees?


I feel exhausted and overworked. I've gained a lot of weight, my blood pressure is too high, and I have difficulties focusing.
Looking back on my day's work, I'm unhappy with my performance. I wasn't able to focus on business development, just managing fires that popped up everywhere in my business. Especially in the evenings, I'm depressed and full of worries.

When I talk with potential new customers, clients, and partners, often times I just can't answer their questions, and in those moments, I feel like a fraud. Someone who was an expert and on top maybe sometimes in his life but now - with all these tech and science advancements - I just can't learn and upskill quick enough to stay relevant.


And there are many more distractions like sick family members or children and grand children to care for, aging parents who need help, failing marriages... an endless list of things competing for your attention and available time.

All of it - if not skillfully managed - will destroy your health.

As a business owner, your health is your business's backbone.
If your health fails, everything you're working for can too. It's like running a car non-stop without ever checking the engine. Eventually, it breaks down. This issue is urgent. Ignoring your health isn't just bad for you; it puts your whole business at risk.

Think of it this way: no health, no business.

It's that simple and that important. And speaking from experience, it happens to the best of us, all the time.


Imagine waking up each day energized, with time for a morning jog before a healthy breakfast.
Your business runs smoothly, leveraging AI to automate routine tasks, allowing you to focus on growth and innovation.
Financially, you're more than secure, able to invest in new opportunities without hesitation.
Weekends are spent with family or pursuing hobbies, not catching up on work. Vacations are regular and rejuvenating, not a distant memory.

This is the life of a business owner who has transcended the usual challenges, living a balanced, fulfilling existence where dreams are the new reality.

Becoming Your Own Longevity Architect

To bridge the gap between today's challenges and the life you envision,
Vavida is your partner in becoming your own longevity architect.
Our approach is akin to crafting a unique and personalized blueprint for your dream house, going beyond the "cookie-cutter" solutions offered by conventional coaches and AI bots.

For those ready to invest in their future and not just settle for the lowest common denominator, Vavida offers two distinct pathways for business owners to become their own longevity architects:


  1. Vavida: Longevity Foundations (Beginner Course)
    A 6-week group coaching format. Here, participants will learn the basics of integrating wellness and efficiency into their life and business, gaining insights into health management, stress reduction, and productivity enhancement.
    This is an ideal start for those new to the concept of longevity in business.


  2. Vavida: Elite Longevity Blueprint (One-on-One Year-Long Mentorship)
    provides affluent business owners with a year-long, personalized journey alongside a top Longevity Architect.
    You'll dive deep into customized health and business strategies, benefiting from tailored advice, exclusive growth tactics, and access to private networking events. This comprehensive mentorship is designed to transform both your personal well-being and business performance, setting you apart as a leader in your field.


Each option is crafted to meet you where you are and propel you toward where you want to be, offering tangible tools and strategies for achieving lasting success and well-being.

Vavida's Founders

Growing old is a privilege, staying healthy a choice.

I am dedicated to empowering individuals to make proactive health choices for the present and beyond. At Vavida, we are committed to helping you make conscious decisions that support your well-being by offering powerful evidence-based solutions that optimize your overall health and extend your lifespan. We do the research and bring the receipts.


Having graduated from European Business School in Germany, for over two decades I contributed my expertise to our family business in the music and technology sector across diverse global markets.
From my initial role in business development, I diligently established a strong network of licensees in our key markets. Later, I transitioned to more senior roles in finance, becoming the financial gatekeeper for our companies.

In the area of finance, I navigated intricate international tax landscapes, collaborating closely with our local CPAs to ensure compliance and maximize revenue streams.
By implementing forensic accounting strategies, we significantly bolstered royalty income for our clients and our own music catalogs.


Motivated by a thirst for knowledge and growth, I embarked on a transformative journey into the field of psychology, studying and graduating in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.
Now, I blend my multifaceted expertise to advocate for holistic well-being, drawing from the latest research and insights gained across both business and psychology domains to support others on their longevity journey.


Katharina Schmidt

Heiko Schmidt

I am a serial entrepreneur, AI monetization expert, and Healthcare expert.   
My 30-year career spans the music, media, and tech industries across global markets including the US, Japan, Germany, Australia, and Canada.
While helping a friend to commercialize the most advanced AI for CalTech/JPL's unmanned space missions, I followed my journey applying AI to multiple projects in healthcare including a large-scale clinical trial with UCLA to identify early signs of cardiovascular diseases and a new global mental health platform to create revolutionary emotional and behavioral vital sign data essential to diagnose and treat mental health problems.

I'm also the founder of the largest AI monetization expert group on LinkedIn as well as expert and speaker on international longevity panels.
Part of my work is advising companies and funds on healthcare investments with the goal to find, invest in, and develop breakthrough innovations so people can live a healthier and longer life. Driven by my own health challenges, I was able to develop and implement many steps to optimize my own longevity journey.
Because it has helped me, I'm now eager to share my experience with other business owners who face similar problems.

If you want to learn more about my journey, please visit my personal website.

Heiko Schmidt 2023_edited.jpg

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